Printable Chinese Mother’s Day Cards (Simplified and Traditional Chinese)

Chinese Mother's Day Cards - Free Printable in simplified and traditional Chinese
Chinese Mother’s Day cards and groove pencils

We’ve all been there – busy with the daily grind – and, before you know it, Mother’s Day has arrived and we forgot to prepare a Chinese Mother’s Day card.  No worries!

Although my daughter and I love to craft 贺卡 / 賀卡 (hè kǎ / greeting cards) together, I wanted to share printable Mother’s Day cards.

Printable Chinese Mother’s day cards are perfect for those who cannot write Chinese or don’t have time to make a card for relatives and friends!

Mother's Day Cards in Chinese

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As always, our printables are in simplified and traditional Chinese, and we are happy to share them with everybody!

I also hope that these printable greeting cards can help families learn Chinese vocabulary related to Mother’s Day!

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Chinese Mother's Day Cards - Free Printable in simplified and traditional Chinese

Chinese Mother’s Day: Important vocabulary

If you’re learning Chinese with your kids like me, here are relevant terms in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Hanyu Pinyin.

  • 妈妈 / 媽媽 (Māmā / Mom)
  • 母亲 / 母親 (Mǔqīn / Mother)
  • 奶奶 (Nǎinai / Paternal grandmother)
  • 外婆 (Wàipó), 姥姥 (Lǎolao / Maternal grandmother)
  • 母亲节 / 母親節 (Mǔqīn jié / Mother’s Day)
  • 母亲节快乐 / 母親節快樂 (Mǔqīn jié kuàilè / Happy Mother’s Day)
  • 亲爱的妈妈 / 親愛的媽媽 (Qīn’ài de māmā / Dear Mom)
  • 我爱你 / 我愛你 (Wǒ ài nǐ / I love you)
Chinese Mother's Day Cards - Free Printable in simplified and traditional Chinese

Chinese Mother’s Day Cards: What you need

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  1. Printable Mother’s Day Cards templates: Mix & match your favorite design and message! Please let me know if you would like additional versions of “grandma” in Chinese!
    1. Outside design
      1. Simplified Chinese
        1. Tulip
        2. Daisies
        3. Healthcare
      2. Traditional Chinese
        1. Tulip
        2. Daisies
        3. Healthcare
    2. Inside message:
      1. Simplified Chinese: 亲爱的______, 我爱你! 母亲节快乐!
        1. 妈妈
        2. 奶奶
        3. 婆婆
        4. 外婆
        5. 姥姥
      2. Traditional Chinese: 親愛的______, 我愛你! 母親節快樂!
        1. 媽媽
        2. 奶奶
        3. 婆婆
        4. 阿嬤
        5. 外婆
        6. 姥姥
  2. White card stock paper
  3. Printer (the one we have is no longer sold, but this printer and this printer have high reviews)
  4. Colored pencils (we love Lyra and Groove!).  Markers and paint might bleed through card stock, so only use these if you don’t mind!
Debating between simplified & traditional Chinese characters?

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Chinese Mother’s Day Cards: How to prepare the printable

  1. Print out desired outside design of the template in portrait orientation
  2. Follow the instructions of your printer for double-sided printing; print inside message on the reverse side of the paper
  3. Fold the paper in half
  4. Color and decorate the cards!

Chinese Mother’s Day cards and Korean Parents’ Day cards

Chinese Mother's Day Cards in simplified and traditional Chinese; Korean Parent's Day cards - Free Printables
Coloring with groove pencils

Here’s a snapshot of my daughter coloring these greeting cards in her 2 minority languages, Chinese and Korean!

Click here for information about Korean Parents’ Day cards!

母亲节快乐 / 母親節快樂! Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing, hard-working, intelligent, and dedicated mothers out there!

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  1. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this! Born and raised in North America, it’s challenging to get the sentiment right.

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