Cute Printable Korean Parent’s Day Cards for 어버이 날!

어버이 날 Korean Parent's Day Cards - Free printable for mother's day and father's day; coloring page for kids

My half-Korean kids are missing their grandparents extra these days. This week, we’re sending them cute Korean Parents’ Day cards! As always, we’re excited to share these printable cards with you!

Although handmade cards are usually the best gift, we know that store-bought cards are convenient when we’re short on time. However, since Korean is a minority language in the United States, Korean greeting cards are nearly impossible to find in small towns like ours.

Therefore, I hope these printables can help encourage your family to learn about the holiday in Korean! Korean parents and grandparents that are immigrants will likely appreciate sweet messages in their native language!

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What is 어버이 날 Korea’s Parents’ Day?

어버이 날 (Eobeoi Nal) is South Korea’s Parents’ Day, a holiday that honors mothers and fathers.

Instead of a separate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Korean Parents’ Day is celebrated annually on May 8th.

Red carnations are the traditional gift, and these flowers symbolize love and gratitude.

어버이 날 Korean Parent's Day Cards - Free printable for mother's day and father's day; coloring page for kids

Important vocabulary about Korean Parents’ Day

Since I’m trying to learn some basic Korean with my children, I took a few notes on key terms related to Korean Parents’ Day. I hope this can help other parents who are learning Korean with their children!

If you’re a fluent parent, feel free to add more suggestions in the comments!

  • 어버이 날 (Eobeoi Nal / Parents’ Day)
  • 가족 (gajok / family)
  • 어린이 (eolini / child)
  • 할머니 (halmeoni / grandmother)
  • 할아버지 (halabeoji / grandfather)
  • 아빠 (appa / dad)
  • 엄마 eomma
  • 5월 8일 (owol paril / May 8th)
  • 부모님 (bumonim / parent)
  • 어버이날 선물 (eobeoinal seonmul / Parents’ Day gift)
  • 카네이션 (kaneisyeon / carnation)
  • I love you
    • Informal: 사랑해 (salanghae)
    • Polite: 사랑해요 (salanghaeyo)
    • Formal: 사랑합니다 (salanghabnida)
  • 은혜에 감사드립니다 (eunhyee gamsadeulibnida / I’m grateful for your grace)

This helpful video from Korean Class 101 gives an overview of Parents’ Day.

The audio is in fluent Korean, and the subtitles are in both Korean and English.

어버이 날 Korean Parent's Day Cards - Free printable for mother's day and father's day; coloring page for kids

What you need for Korean Parents’ Day Cards

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  1. Printer (this printer and this printer have high reviews)
  2. White card stock paper
  3. Colored pencils (we love these groove pencils!)
  4. Korean Parents’ Day Card Printables:

How to set up Korean Parents’ Day Cards

  1. Choose desired cover and message to print
  2. Follow your printer’s instructions on how to print double-sided
  3. Color and decorate!
Saying I love you in Korean

Which Korean parents’ day card design did your kids choose?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s), and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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Happy Parent’s Day!

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