Tour of My Daughter’s Musical Trilingual Library Bedroom

Child's mid-century modern library bedroom - floor to ceiling bookshelves

Over the years, my 6-year-old daughter’s room has evolved from a place of rest to a place where we all go to dream. Her trilingual library bedroom is filled with pages of adventures to places we wish we could visit.

Child's library bedroom - floor to ceiling bookshelves; mid-century modern furniture

On our shelves, we can see culturally diverse protagonists in contrast to our small, homogeneous California town.

These stories have windows to relationships that we can learn from despite the isolation of this pandemic.

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Musical bedroom: Daughter trying to play ukulele, son banging on the piano!
Daughter exploring the ukulele; son banging on the piano!

In addition, since we are all wannabe musicians, songs from our piano, ukulele, guitar, and CD player fill this space.

We are very grateful for this haven!

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Tour of my daughter’s musical, trilingual library bedroom

As with all areas in our home, things that my kids need to use are easily accessible to promote independence, self-care, and learning.

Since many of you have asked where everything is from, I’ll take you on a tour and link similar resources for comparison!

In this library bedroom we have:

  1. My kids’ trilingual bookcase
  2. Daughter’s wardrobe armoire
  3. Bed with rails
  4. Black-out shades
  5. Kids’ table
  6. Toy shelf
  7. Mini library bookcase
  8. Piano / reading corner
Modern library bedroom with white shelves: Former closet replaced by adjustable bookshelves; Serena & Lily step stool
Former closet replaced by adjustable library shelves; Serena & Lily stepstools (similar here)

1. My kids’ trilingual bookshelf

Despite living in an English-dominant area, we’ve been trying to raise our children trilingual to preserve their heritage languages.

Since we cannot borrow multilingual books from our local library, we’ve been building our own collection of Korean and Chinese children’s books.

Due to lack of shelf space in our home, my daughter’s former reach-in closet was replaced with these custom floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

The adjustable shelving was installed by a local closet company, and the system is similar to what’s offered nationally at California Closets.

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mid-century modern white armoire wardrobe for kids
White armoire (old, similar here) ; cotton rope baskets (similar here); drawer dividers (similar here)

2. Modern white wardrobe armoire

To organize my daughter’s clothes, we got this smaller wardrobe armoire (old, similar here). Although we are often gifted clothing from family and friends, we try to be minimalist and donate excess options.

Cotton rope baskets (similar here) hold undergarments, socks, swimwear, and other accessories.

Meanwhile, pants, shorts, t-shirts, and long-sleeved shirts are folded KonMari style (upright like files) and compartmentalized by these drawer dividers (similar here).

Although this armoire has been the perfect size for the past few years, you can see in the above photo that she will eventually outgrow it as her dresses get longer. If you have older kids, similar options include this CB2 wardrobe and this West Elm armoire.

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3. Modern white full bed with rails

After outgrowing her crib at age 3, my daughter has been sleeping in Room and Board’s Moda Wood Bed with Rails. We chose a full-sized bed in hopes that this would last her through high school.

Similar options we considered include these beds from Crate and Barrel (Paxon, Ever), Oeuf, and Max and Lily. But we love Room and Board’s consistently amazing service, including their policy of removing shoes in the home and assembling all furniture.

Since our floors are dark and the books are colorful, we opted for white bedding for a calm, neutral look (similar option here).

(PS: Does anyone have any tips for making a bed with rails look neat? Please share with me all your tips!)

black out shades; mid-century modern rocking chair; Boston upright piano
Black out shades drawn during the day; mid-century modern rocking chair; Boston upright piano; white noise machine

4. Black-out shades and other sleep hygiene essentials

Many of you asked if my daughter gets distracted by all of these books at bedtime!

While the full bookshelves encourage her to read throughout the day, this room is actually pitch-black at night! We also have several important factors for healthy sleep hygiene:

  • Black-out window shades (outside mount)
    • Note: black out curtains would likely block more light, but we do not use curtains due to dust
  • Velcro coins to close any gaps that let light sneak in from the sides of the shade. In the above photo of my daughter’s shade during the day, you can see that the side with the Velcro coins (next to bed) minimizes light leak.
  • White noise machine
  • A predictable daily bedtime routine
Room and board mid-century modern round kids' table; floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in library bedroom
Room and Board round kids’ table and chairs (similar here and here); rope basket

4. Modern round kids’ table for reading and writing

To encourage good posture while reading, we have this round kids’ table (similar here and here) by our bookcase.

Child's library bedroom - mid century modern kids' furniture, floor to ceiling bookshelves
Grey play mat (similar here); Crate and Kids shelf (similar here); wood wall clock (similar here)

5. Mid-century modern toy shelf

We’ve had this shelf for more than 4 years, and I almost donated it during one of my many donation sprees! However, my kids felt pretty strongly about keeping it for their toys!

Child's bedroom library -mid century modern kids' furniture
Grey play mat (similar here); Crate and Kids shelf (similar here); puzzle globe (similar here); wood decorative letters

You might recognize this shelf from my Play Area / Homeschool Room Before and After Decluttering post!

Years ago, we used this as a bookcase. Unfortunately, the shape and lip on the lower shelf made it difficult for my kids to take out and put back their books. It really was not practical for organizing books.

Crate and Barrel mid-century modern toy shelf
Crate and Barrel shelf (similar here); colorful play scarves; wood play clips; rainbow crochet gifted by Autumn Leaflet

Therefore, we no longer keep books here.

Instead, both of my kids think it’s perfect for tucking in their beloved stuffed animals! My kids adore these little animals with all their heart. Recently, there was a large wildfire in our area, and we packed our bags as a precaution. After a quick meltdown, they insisted on rescuing and packing every stuffed animal.

Crate and Barrel mid century modern toy shelf, Georgia O'Keeffe framed poster, puzzle globe; Sarah's silks
Grey play mat (similar here); rainbow silk; wood play clips; Georgia O’Keeffe framed poster (similar here), puzzle globe (similar here)

When she gets older, we will likely replace this toy shelf with a desk for homework.

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6. Modern mini library bookcase

Mid-century modern kids' Oeuf mini library bookcase in walnut; Waseca Biomes Rainbow Leveled Readers
Oeuf library bookcase (walnut); grey play mat (similar here)

Over time, this shelf has held various things as we figured out how to optimize her room.

Previously, we kept some Montessori-inspired toys here.

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Open-shelving is key to accessibility and also forces us to keep things organized and visually appealing.

As my kids outgrew those learning materials, more books have taken over!

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Books for Kids in Chinese and English; Kids' modern Oeuf Mini Library Shelf in Walnut
Throwback to 2 years ago: Oeuf Mini Library (walnut); faux sheepskin rug (old, similar here); Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Books

7. Cozy piano / reading corner

Black upright Boston piano, Modernica mid-century modern rocking chair
Boston piano; bamboo step stool; faux sheepskin rug (old, similar here); rocking chair (similar here); side table (similar here and here); globe (similar here)

For a while, we debated about getting a weighted keyboard versus a piano. Because my husband and I both play piano, we decided to invest in the real deal for our kids.

Due to lack of space in our home, my daughter’s room was the only place that could fit an upright piano.

Wall shelves display the piano books we frequently use, while the bench holds extras.

Reading corner: Modernica mid-century modern rocking chair, IKEA spice rack wall shelves, small mid-century modern side table
Faux sheepskin rug (old, similar here); rocking chair (similar here); side table (similar here and here); CD player; wall shelves; globe (similar here)

This rocking chair is the best spot to listen to my daughter make music! The kids also love to read here!

On the rocker is this cute Korean Hangul alphabet pillow from Zazzle (similar here)! It’s the perfect addition to our print-rich environment for my kids’ minority languages!

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cozy piano and reading corner
Cozy piano and reading corner

Thanks for visiting my daughter’s library bedroom tour!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Also let me know if you’d be interested in seeing before and after pictures of the transformation from bedroom closet to home library!

Trilingual library bedroom - read, play, dream; mid-century modern furniture
Trilingual library bedroom!

Creating a prepared learning environment at home

Soon to come:

  • How We Organize Our Trilingual Library
  • My Son’s Bookish, Mid-Century Modern Bedroom
  • Updated Play Area and Homeschool Room Tour


  1. Hi! The room sounds lovely. Can you share more about the sleep hygiene items you mentioned, noise machine and blackout shades? I am curious about your perspective on sleep habits from a Montessori/pediatrician perspective. Also, I have heard from several Montessori people that they don’t encourage toys/playing in bedroom, so that it should be associated with sleep, what are your thoughts on that?
    thanks, and wishing you and your family all the best!

    1. Great question! The main reason for putting a piano and renovating the bookcase in this room due to lack of space elsewhere in the house, but yes, it would have been nice to have a separate library and piano room.

      In regards to her room, there are no toys other than plush animals here. We were debated about removing the doors to her closet and have the books hidden rather than open. But having the open shelves have been great for access and encouraging reading during the day, and reading is relaxing. The kids have a very consistent bedtime routine. Her room is pitch black at night with the black out shades, and the white noise machine is an additional sleep association that also blunts noise from other rooms. There are no electronics in this room, and if she has screen-time, such as distance learning for school, it occurs much earlier in the day. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Beautiful room. Thank you for sharing. What type of book display stand do you recommend? We live in apartment with 2 young kids. They have an IKEA Kallax 4*4 cubes for both books on shelves and toys in bins. Due to space issue, I would like to set only one cube for monthly reading topic by displaying the books of the theme. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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