Chinese Songs About Fathers | Printable Lyrics and Music Videos

Mandarin Chinese Father's Day songs with lyrics and music videos

Last month, my kids and I learned so many great Chinese songs about mothers. Now, we are starting to sing Chinese Father’s Day songs since the holiday is coming up in a few weeks! Music is a fun way to encourage kids to speak Mandarin Chinese.

While there are many positive songs about mothers, finding Chinese children’s songs about fathers was challenging.

Most modern Chinese father songs that I found were about abandonment and healing from pain. Several popular music videos featured romance, and one featured a child getting whipped with a belt…(Yikes! Fortunately, I had screened the YouTube videos before my kids saw them!)

As my heart ached for these musicians with troubled relationships, I felt grateful to find a few great Chinese Father’s Day songs about positive role models.

Chinese songs for Father’s Day with music videos

After hours of internet digging, I found a few Mandarin Chinese songs about loving fathers! These 3 songs are for all ages:

  • 小臭臭 《你是太阳我是星星》
  • 筷子兄弟 《父亲》
  • 汪峰《爸爸》

Note that the last song is a tribute for children with fathers in Heaven. I think of my own late father when I hear this touching tune.

1. 小臭臭 《你是太阳我是星星》

Here is another adorable duet featuring 小臭臭 and her dad!

Subtitles are in simplified Chinese.

2. 筷子兄弟 《父亲》

The famous 筷子兄弟 Chopsticks Brothers created this song about a child who wants time to slow down so his father doesn’t grow older. He wants to take care of his parents but recognizes everything he does will not compare to his father’s sacrifices.

Subtitles are in simplified Chinese.

小臭臭 also covers this song here.

3. 汪峰 《爸爸》

Last but not least is this lovely acoustic ballad by 汪峰 (Wāng Fēng) that honors his father in Heaven.

This video is from a 汪峰 concert in 2004. Subtitles are in simplified Chinese.

Printable lyrics for Chinese Father’s Day songs

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Click on the links below to download your desired language version!

小臭臭 《你是太阳我是星星》

筷子兄弟 《父亲》

汪峰 《爸爸》

Which Chinese Father’s Day song is your favorite?

Please share in the comments below if you have other recommendations. We’d love to learn from you!

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