Fascinating Chinese Science Books for Kids

Fascinating Chinese Science Books for Kids

As a pediatrician and mom, I love helping children discover the wonders of science! If your family is learning Mandarin like ours, I’ve collected the best Chinese science books for kids. These books spark curiosity about the solar system, the human body, nature, and more while nurturing Chinese language skills.

We enjoyed reading these Chinese books about science while homeschooling a few years ago. Although my kids are now in school full-time, we still refer to these books to answer questions.

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Best Chinese Science Books for Kids

To help your child read, Luka Reading Robot can narrate most of these science books in Mandarin. The bilingual Youdao Reading Pen can translate these books, too. These tools are a big help for non-fluent families like ours.

Bilingual National Geographic Chinese-English science books

Bilingual National Geographic Chinese-English science books

These bilingual National Geographic science books feature full-page photos of animals and nature. Each page has one or two sentences in simplified Chinese and English, perfect for preschool and Kindergarten students. *Compatible with Luka Reading Robot.

Human Body Learning Lab 小醫生的人體實驗課 繁體中文

Human Body Learning Lab 小醫生的人體實驗課 繁體中文

Discover the amazing human body with the best anatomy book for kids! 天才小醫生的人體實驗課 Human Body Learning Lab was written by a pediatrician — me! The book won the 2024 AAAS/Subaru Excellence in Science Books Prize. Science Magazine recommended it as a “notable standout.” Enjoy this science experiments book in Traditional Chinese or English.

Order the English version from AmazonBookshopTarget, and bookstores everywhere.

Magic School Bus 神奇校车 / 魔法校車 Books

Magic School Bus Chinese Picture Books - Chalk Academy

The popular Magic School Bus science books have been translated into simplified and traditional Chinese! This excellent series blends creative storytelling with educational science facts for kids. Learn about outer space, anatomy, and more! *The simplified Chinese edition is compatible with Luka Reading Robot.

EXPLORE: Detailed review of Chinese Magic School Bus picture versus chapter books.

My First Discovery 第一次发现 Chinese Books

第一次发现 My First Discovery Science Series

The My First Discovery 第一次发现 series is a wonderfully comprehensive set of Chinese science books. The topics include animals, nature, transportation, and more. Each book features interactive transparent pages with beautiful, realistic illustrations. Available in Simplified Chinese. *Compatible with Luka Reading Robot.

EXPLORE: Detailed Review of My First Discovery Series 第一次发现丛书 

iSuper Science Books 中文小博士

iSuper Chinese Science Books 中文小博士

These science books were designed for American Mandarin immersion programs but are excellent for any child learning Chinese. Topics like fish, insects, nature, and materials science are explained in simple language and in large Chinese font. They are available in Simplified Chinese at China Sprout.

What are your favorite Chinese science books for kids?

Please share your recommendations in the comments below. We’d love to check out your favorite books!

More science books and resources for kids learning Chinese


  1. Stephanie Taperek says:

    Hello! Do you know if Luka reads the Level 1 books? Thank so much! Making my 11.11 wish list!

  2. They now have audio files for the level 3 books. And they sell level 4 on China Sprout.

  3. The books are all look good and perfect to my little one, I have a 2years old girl and we are Asian family which I found quite challenging in order to teach her at home, books with real pictures would be great help, at the moment she loves fish! That book of 生命科学.鱼would be great hit!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! It’s hard to find Chinese books with real pictures, but I’ll keep sharing as I find them. The fish book was the first one that we read in the series, and I hope your daughter enjoys it as much as mine!

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