Korean Chuseok Activities and Crafts for Kids

Best Korean Chuseok Mid-Autumn Festival Activities and Crafts for Kds

Korean Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Harvest Moon Festival or Chuseok in Korea, is one of the most important holidays. Wondering how to celebrate with kids at home or school? Here are some fun and simple Korean Chuseok activities and crafts that my kids and I have enjoyed over the years.

Fun Korean Chuseok crafts and activities for kids

Hands-on Chuseok activities can get kids excited about learning Korean language and culture. Make songpyeon, design hanboks, dance, and explore more if you have time!

Playdough songpyeon 송편 craft

Fun Korean Chuseok crafts with playdough songpyeon 송편

In Korean culture, Songpyeon 송편 is the quintessential Chuseok treat. Traditionally, these rice cakes are shaped like half moons and stuffed with sweet fillings.

Here’s a simple Korean Chuseok activity: with play dough, kids can make songpyeon in classic shapes as well as pumpkin and flower shapes.

From the Michelin Guide, we learned that Chungcheong province is known for mini pumpkin songpyeon. Meanwhile, Jeolla province is known for its beautiful flower songpyeon.

To learn about both sides of our family’s heritage, we also celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. They had a blast making songpyeon along with homemade playdough mooncakes.

Korean Chuseok books for kids

Best Korean Chuseok Books about Harvest Moon for kids

Too busy to prepare Chuseok crafts or activities with kids? No worries!

Reading is one of the best ways to celebrate the Korean Mid-Autumn Festival.

These five great Korean Chuseok books show how different families incorporate special traditions for the holiday.

Korean Chuseok memory game

Tigerboom printable Chuseok memory game for kids
Chuseok memory game from Tigerboom Creative

This fun Chuseok memory game is a hands-on activity to learn about the Korean moon festival!

Through coloring, cutting, and matching, kids can learn about popular Korean Mid-Autumn Festival foods.

This idea was created by the talented Katie Cadamatre, a Korean American mom, illustrator, and designer. Download the free printable on Tigerboom Creative.

Korean moon phase crafts and activities

Moon phase 3 part cards in Korean and English moon phase journal for kids

Since Korean Chuseok is a celebration of the harvest, it’s a wonderful opportunity for moon phase activities! Here are fun ways to learn about the marvelous moon!

Korean hanbok coloring activity for Chuseok

Free Korean Hanbok coloring pages for kids

Hanboks have been traditional Korean clothes for centuries.

These days, modern hanboks come in many beautiful colors and fabrics.

For an easy Chuseok activity, have fun designing your hanbok with free coloring pages from Aerilyn Books:

Chuseok ganggangsullae 강강술래 folk dance

Ganggangsullae is a special Korean dance that’s often performed during Chuseok celebrations. The dance is performed by a circle of women wearing beautiful, colorful hanboks, holding hands, and singing and dancing under the bright moonlight.

Watch the video performance as a Korean Chueseok activity. Or take it further by learning the detailed moves from the K-Community Festival.

Traditional Korean songpyeon recipe

Korean Bapsang Songpyeon Recipe
Songpyeon from Korean Bapsang

Songpyeon is a fun and delicious Chuseok tradition. You can find these treats at H-Mart or other Korean grocery stores.

If you’re looking for Chuseok activities involving food, making songpyeon with kids can be an extra special treat.

Imagine playing with soft, squishy rice dough and making cute, moon-shaped treats with yummy fillings like sesame seeds, honey, and chestnut.

Check out the recipes and video tutorials from these talented Korean food bloggers:

What are your favorite activities and crafts for Korean Chuseok?

Please share in the comments below! We’d love to learn how your family or school celebrates the Korean Mid-Autumn Festival.

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