Happy New Year Coloring Pages 2024 (English and Chinese)

Bilingual Happy New Year coloring pages in Chinese and English

Another year has flown by, and it’s time to celebrate 2024. If your kids are home for the holidays, we’ve got Happy New Year coloring pages ready! Coloring is a great quiet-time activity, and we all know that’s much needed when school’s out! And parents can join along for a calming coloring break.

Our printable New Year coloring pages come in English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese! The downloadable files have been updated to 2024.

Traveling for the holidays? You can print them out and bring them on the plane and to restaurants. These coloring sheets would also make a great New Year’s Eve activity with friends!

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Download English and Chinese New Year coloring pages

Other supplies for New Year coloring pages

You can print these New Year coloring pages on regular 8″ x 11″ white printer paper!

Use your favorite art supplies, like colored pencils, crayons, and markers. Older kids can color with the vibrant Prismacolor pencils, while toddlers benefit from the ergonomic Lyra triangle grip pencils.

Close-up look at Happy New Year coloring pages

Here are the fun designs I created for my children and yours to ring in the New Year!

2024 Numbers Confetti

2024 New Year Coloring Page

This Happy New Year coloring page has the year 2024 in various bubble fonts! It’s a fun way to show how numbers can have a little personality and take on different styles!!

New Year party hats – Let’s Celebrate! 庆祝新年 / 慶祝新年

Let's Celebrate New Year Party Hats Coloring Page

This party hat coloring sheet is my son’s favorite this year!

Goodbye, 2023! Hello 2024! 你好, 2023! 再见 / 再見, 2024!

Hello 2024 Happy New Year Coloring Page

I first created this English and Chinese New Year coloring page design six years ago. Over the years, it’s become an annual tradition for the kids to color this over the holidays.

Happy New Year 新年快乐 / 新年快樂 fireworks and stars

Happy new year coloring fireworks

This New Year’s fireworks coloring sheet has been my daughter’s favorite over the years. Thanks to her suggestion, I added more stars to the updated design.

Fireworks messages

This festive Happy New Year coloring page can also be used with 0.75″ dot stickers to create a letter or word-matching game! The English version says “HAPPY!” and the Chinese version says 祝你新年快乐 / 祝你新年快樂.

Chinese New Year Sticker word-matching activity sheets

Although this particulate picture was from 2020, I couldn’t resist keeping my son’s little toddler hands here!

Get the New Year coloring pages here!

What kids can learn from English and Chinese New Year coloring sheets

The holidays are the busiest time of year, and these Happy New Year coloring pages in Chinese and English are here to help. Print them for your child so you can wrap presents and accomplish other important things.

Your child will build great skills with these New Year coloring sheets.


Learn the years 2023 and 2024 from the Happy New Year coloring pages. If your toddlers or preschoolers are learning numbers, the coloring pages can help them remember the year.


Although my kids usually color independently, sometimes I join them because I find coloring relaxing, too! When we’re together, we talk about the colors we choose. The different confetti shapes and designs on our New Year coloring pages can be used for playing “I Spy!”.

Since we’re raising bilingual kids, I try to focus on speaking Chinese, the minority language, at home. But they are also fluent in English, our family and community language.

For younger kids, you can use the New Year coloring pages to teach happy greetings in English and Chinese greetings, such as:

  • Let’s celebrate! 庆祝新年 / 慶祝新年 (Qìngzhù xīnnián)
  • I wish you a Happy New Year 祝你新年快乐! / 祝你新年快樂! (Zhù nǐ xīnnián kuàilè)
Let's celebrate Chinese new year party hat coloring pages

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Learn how to read common words, including:

  • Hello 你好 (Nǐ hǎo)
  • Goodbye 再见 / 再見 (Zàijiàn)
  • Happy New Year 新年快乐 / 新年快樂 (Xīnnián kuàilè)

To help kids learn to read English and memorize Chinese characters, the black-and-white words and images (fireworks, shapes, confetti) are intentionally simple.


Kids ready to write can color in each word according to the normal English alphabet and Chinese stroke order.

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Coloring outside the lines

If you have a child to tends toward perfectionism, coloring can be a chance to practice being okay with making “mistakes”.

Toddlers and preschools naturally need the freedom to scribble. But as they grow, kids can get stressed out about their drawings not looking how they had hoped. To show my kids that it’s okay to create art with an unexpected outcome, sometimes I color outside the lines on purpose!

How to include younger kids with New Year coloring pages

Once my younger child turned 1, he was always eager to try whatever his big sister was doing. During those early toddler years, I used to tape his coloring pages onto a tape. He loved going wild with scribbling, touching the words and shapes, and crinkling the paper!

Download Happy New Year coloring pages

Have you used the Happy New Year Coloring Sheets?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s), and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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  1. We’re so excited to print these coloring pages. We loved all your activities for Chinese New Year last year especially the envelopes. We would love to use the envelope template again!

  2. Hi I was wondering how you get your fonts to be colorable. I’m trying to create homeschool materials for my son. Thanks in advance!

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