Best Online Bookstores for Korean Children’s Books

Where did we get all of our Korean children's books on our bookshelf? Here are the best online Korean bookstores.

Since we live in a small town in the United States, we have relied on online Korean bookstores for our children’s picture books. Initially, we were clueless about where to buy Korean children’s books. Finding the best bookshops took some trial and error!

Although my kids had to drop the language, I’m grateful for all the Korean books they enjoyed when they were younger. I hope that my years of research can make the process easier for your family and school. Here is a list of the best online Korean bookstores!

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Where to buy Korean books for kids: online bookstores in English

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Amazon online marketplace


You can find just about everything on Amazon! Unfortunately, they have a limited selection of books in the Korean language.

Be careful of mass-translated books, which often have awkward Google-translated phrases. The quality can be questionable since anyone can publish a book on Amazon or become a seller.

That being said, Amazon has a few great gems, like Korean nursery rhymes CD books and these fantastic Korean picture dictionaries! Keep an eye out for quality by looking at reviews from fluent Korean families.

Korean Kids Books

Korean Kids Books

This Korean American online bookstore has some great options for younger kids. So far, they have board books, picture books, sound books, workbooks, and Usborne nonfiction books. Hopefully, they will add books for older kids in the future!

Hanbooks Korean books, CDs, and DVDs


As someone who cannot speak or read Korean, Hanbooks has been my preferred online bookstore for buying Korean picture books. The downside is that Korean children’s books are quite expensive compared to English and Chinese books for kids.

Hanbooks has textbooks, picture books, and chapter books in Korean, English, and bilingual options, but the website has fairly limited options. However, they also own Bandi Books (see below). Email [email protected] for help finding books they carry in their other online Korean bookstore. Sometimes, you have to email them a few times to receive a reply.

If you decide to order from, use my coupon code betty2020 for a 15% discount on orders above $50. Unfortunately, the coupon is not valid at Bandi Books. (Note: I have no affiliation and do not earn a commission for sharing this.)

Where to buy Korean books for kids: online bookstores in Korean

Bandibooks US Los Angeles bookshop

Bandi Books

Bandi Books is a popular online Korean bookstore based in Los Angeles. This website is also entirely in Korean, but Google Chrome/Google Translate can be useful for non-fluent families. I have shopped here indirectly through Hanbooks (see above).

In addition to books for adults, they have a huge collection of Korean books for toddlers through elementary-age kids. They offer tons of translated Western children’s books (eg, Eric Carle books), Korean Seollal Lunar New Year books, and folktales.

알라딘 Aladin Korean Website

Aladin 알라딘

This popular Korean retailer specializes in books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs. They have physical stores throughout South Korea and also one in Los Angeles.

The online bookstore is entirely in Korean. If you can’t read Korean, you can use Google Chrome with the Google Translate plugin or have a friend help you shop. I’m uncomfortable with shopping in an unfamiliar language, so I have not used this site.

However, many Chalk Academy readers have shared about amazing used book deals at Aladin 알라딘. Use the US site to check prices and shipping options to your location.

You can get free shipping on orders over $50, which can make a big difference when you’re on a budget.

ibookpark store


Check out iBookPark for large book sets that are much more affordable than the aforementioned stores.

Book sets can seem pricey at first, but they make sense when you calculate the individual cost of each book. Book sets are also a great way to build up your home library.

This online bookstore sells secondhand Korean books at deep discounts, so watch for special deals! If you have a list of books in mind, check out their used books page first. I wish I had known this option before building up our Korean book collection!

Other places to get Korean books for kids

  • Libraries: Check out your local library for used book sales. Several parents have told me about dollar deals in Seattle, Los Angeles, Orange County, and New York City! If your library doesn’t carry Korean books, ask if they participate in the inter-library loan with diverse libraries in other cities. Many libraries are happy to listen to their patrons and try to get you the books you want.
SeJong Bookstore 세종문고 in Koreatown Galleria Mall, Los Angeles, California
SeJong Korean Bookstore 세종문고, Koreatown Galleria, Los Angeles, California
  • Local bookstores: If you travel to Los Angeles or New York City, stop by bookstores in Koreatown! Shopping at these stores helps support the Korean community. We’ve purchased many great books at SeJong Bookstore 세종문고 in Koreatown Galleria, Los Angeles. It’s nice to hold books and flip through them before purchasing.
  • Facebook: If you’re on Facebook, Raising Bilingual Children In English and Korean is a fantastic group for sharing ideas with supportive, like-minded parents. On occasion, parents sell outgrown books in the group. If you live in a larger city, you may also be able to find books on Facebook Marketplace.

What are your favorite online Korean bookstores?

What Korean bookstores have been helpful for your family? Please share in the comments below. This will help more families learn about the best options!

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  1. I have been searching high and low for quality fiction and nonfiction books in Korean to add to our curriculum library to help prepare future bilingual teachers. The sets from ibookpark are EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks so much!

    1. You’re welcome, Sara! So glad to hear you found a great book set for your library. And excited that you are making this available for your teachers :-).

  2. Thank you so much for these resources!

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