15 Chinese Math Resources for Children

Although our main community language is English, we want our kids to learn math and other topics in Chinese, our family’s minority language. This post has 15 Chinese math resources for kids!

Child learning math problems in Chinese

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15 Math Resources for Children Learning Chinese

In this post, you can find the following Chinese math resources for kids:

  1. Hands-on Chinese math activities
  2. Math printables and workbooks
  3. Chinese math stories
  4. Chinese math videos
  5. Math music and nursery rhymes
  6. Chinese math apps

These Chinese math resources are geared for a wide range of preschoolers to elementary school children.

Chinese math resources for kids

Which Chinese math resources have we used most?

For reference, we have used hands-on activities, hundred chart, math story books, 思嘉姐姐 nursery rhymes to enhance Chinese learning.

Except for a handful of times, we have not used Chinese apps or videos.

However, I’m including Chinese math apps and videos in this post since they were recommended by many of you!

1. Hands on Activities for learning math in Chinese

a) Free, natural Chinese math lessons

If you can speak Chinese consistently, you can be one of the most important influences for building a math foundation!

Math is all around us, and there are many relevant ways to teach math throughout the day.

Read How I’m Teaching My Children Math for Free for basic ways to apply natural Chinese lessons in daily life!

b) Hands-on Chinese math activities and toys

Simple homemade activities can encourage counting and basic math in Chinese. Click here to view DIY Chinese number learning activities!

Wooden Chinese counting and tracing board - Montessori inspired

Younger children may enjoy this wooden reversible 1-10 Chinese Number Board!, and older children and adolescents could benefit from this Chinese calendar.

All of these hands-on materials have been well loved and useful for my 2 kids!

Explore this: The Best Montessori Inspired Learning Toys and School Resources on Etsy

2. Chinese math printables and workbooks for kids

Hundred Chart in Chinese, English, and Korean - fun ways for children to learn counting and basic math

a) Chinese hundred chart worksheet

A Hundred Chart is a Montessori-inspired resource with 100 boxes (10 x 10 squares) to teach number sequencing and patterns.

Our hundred chart is versatile and available in Arabic, Chinese, and Korean numerals.


b) Bilingual multiplication chart

In addition to the Montessori Multiplication and Division Boards, my daughter frequently used the Montessori multiplication chart that I created in two languages.

c) DailyNoodles My Fun Chinese Numbers workbook

My Fun Chinese Book: Numbers is a colorful book with 57 pages of activities that introduce numbers 1 to 10 in Chinese.

The book includes games, logic puzzles, sorting, comparisons, measuring, pattern recognition and basic addition.

Daily Noodles Numbers and Math Book

d) 國家教育研究院 National Academy for Educational Research (NAER) Chinese math workbooks

NAER, Taiwan’s public elementary school, provides free math worksheets and workbooks in traditional Chinese.

You can learn more about 國家教育研究院 here.

3. Chinese math stories for kids

Stories are a wonderful way for kids to learn how math is intimately intertwined with real life experiences.

数学帮帮忙 Math Matters is a bilingual Chinese/English story book series that my kids love!

Click here for a detailed review of Chinese math story books which are compatible with Luka Reading Robot!

数学帮帮忙 Math Matters Bilingual Chinese English story books

4. Chinese math videos for kids

a)  Chinese Counting YouTube Video

For beginners, the above video teaches how to count to 100 in Mandarin Chinese with arabic numerals.

The voice is very clear and easy to understand.

Khan Academy Chinese youtube videos for children

b) Chinese Khan Academy Mandarin

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that provides free, educational resources in numerous subjects and school grades.

For Chinese, Khan Academy’s YouTube Channel has instructional videos for math with simplified Chinese captions.

Currently, Grades 1-5 are available plus a series of videos on 金融学 Finance and capital markets.

Below is a preview of the first videos in Grade 1 Math.  Click here to see the Chinese Khan Academy YouTube channel.

Khan Academy also has Singapore math videos, but those videos are not listed in their playlists.

If you’re interested in Singapore math, click here to view Singapore math videos.

c)  Junyi Academy – Chinese Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, & more

Junyi Academy is an e-learning curriculum that is inspired by Khan Academy.

Their mission is to provide free resources to improve educational access for children in all communities.

Subscribers have access to thousands of videos that they can watch in their own home.  The website is entirely in traditional Chinese.

Explore this: Fun and Educational Chinese YouTube Channels for Kids

5. Chinese math music for kids

快乐学算术-思嘉姐姐 is a soundtrack focused on numbers that is spoken in Mandarin with rhythm and music in the background.

Tracks 2 through 5 help children memorize basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

The rest of the tracks have Chinese nursery rhymes and tongue twisters related to numbers.

Explore this: 100+ Popular Chinese Children’s Songs and Nursery Rhymes

6. Chinese math apps for kids

Edoki Academy App - Montessori Math Box - multiple languages including Chinese

a) Chinese Edoki Academy App – Montessori Math Box

Edoki’s Montessori Math Box comes in multiple languages, and you can select simplified or traditional Chinese.

Since we limit screen-time, we have only used this app a handful of times, but it seems like a helpful option to learn shape names in Chinese.

The Math Box includes 7 educational apps which you can preview here.

b) Todo Math App

Todo Math app has 700+ Math learning games in numerous languages, including simplified Chinese.

c) Chinese 2Kids Math App

The 2Kids Math App is another app that is in Chinese.

I personally don’t like it as much as Edoki’s Montessori Math Box because of the cartoons, but other parents have shared favorable reviews.

Is your child learning math in Chinese?

What are your favorite Chinese math resources for children?

Please let me know if I should add other Chinese math resources to this list!

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Happy learning, friends!

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