Best Chinese Math Flashcards, Worksheets, Videos, and Apps

Mandarin Chinese math resources for kids

I’ve been creating and collecting resources to help children learn math in Mandarin Chinese. Being bilingual in basic concepts like math helps them speak the minority language. Here are the best Chinese math resources for preschool and elementary school kids to save you lesson prep time!

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Best Chinese math worksheets, flashcards, and books

These bilingual math resources are convenient and easy to print for classroom or home learning. Perfect for the busy parent or Chinese teacher!

Chinese number flashcards

Stroke order Chinese numbers

Numbers are the foundation of learning math in Chinese.

Learn how to write Chinese numbers with helpful, colorful dots. Since the dots are conveniently arranged in rainbow order, kids will know that the red dot is the first stroke, the orange is the second, and so on.

Chinese hundred chart worksheet

Addition and subtraction with 100 chart

The excellent Montessori hundred chart has 100 boxes — 10 x 10 squares. It helps kids master counting, patterns, addition, and subtraction. This popular resource is great for elementary and primary school students.

Interactive Chinese calendar wheels

Teach Days and Months with Calendar Wheels in Chinese and English (Free Printable)

Help kids learn the days of the week and months of the year in Chinese with fun spinning calendar wheels!

Spin the wheel to find out what day is yesterday, today, tomorrow. And spin again to find out what month was before and after this one.

Chinese monthly calendar activity

Chinese interactive perpetual calendar printable activity - Chalk Academy

I created this fun, hands-on activity to teach my kids how to use a calendar.

The calendar is fun to put together with my printable template. It helps kids understand the days, weeks, and months. The good news is that it can be used monthly forever (or as long as you need it)!

Bilingual math story books

数学帮帮忙 Math Story Books

Stories are a fantastic way for kids to learn how math, formulas, and calculations are intimately intertwined with real-life experiences.

数学帮帮忙 Math Matters is a bilingual Chinese and English storybook series that my kids have enjoyed reading.

Free Chinese mathematics worksheets

國家教育研究院 National Academy for Educational Research in Taiwan

國家教育研究院 National Academy for Educational Research is Taiwan’s public elementary school. They generously provide free math worksheets and workbooks in traditional Chinese.

Please note that the website is entirely in traditional Chinese.

Best Mandarin Chinese Math videos for kids

These professional math videos were created by leading educational platforms, Khan Academy and Junyi Academy.

Mandarin Khan Academy videos

Khan Academy Chinese youtube videos for children

Khan Academy’s YouTube Channel has helpful math instruction videos in Mandarin with simplified Chinese captions.

Lessons for grades 1 through 5 are available, including topics like the decimal system, long multiplication, right triangles, and the use of negative numbers.

Khan Academy also has Mandarin videos on 金融学 finance and capital markets.

Chinese Singapore Math videos

Khan Academy Chinese math lessons for kids

If you’re using the Singapore Math curriculum, you’ll be happy to know that Khan Academy also has videos inspired by the program. Bookmark the button below because the videos are not listed in their playlists.

Explore this: Fun and Educational Chinese YouTube Channels for Kids

Junyi Academy

Junyi Academy Chinese Math Resources for Kids in Taiwan

Junyi Academy is a free Tawainese e-learning curriculum that provides children with Chinese math and STEM resources.

Subscribers can access Chinese math videos. Note that the website is entirely in traditional Chinese.

Best Mandarin math apps for kids

To be honest, Chinese apps are my least favorite way of teaching kids math and language. However, I can’t deny the convenience of having something accessible on your phone or iPad. Here are two apps that my children have experimented with in the past.

Edoki Academy app

Edoki Academy learn Chinese and math educational app for kids

Edoki’s Montessori Math Box comes in multiple languages! You can even choose simplified or traditional Chinese characters.

This app is geared for preschoolers and kindergartners learning basic math concepts like shape names and counting.

Todo Math app

Todo Chinese math app for kids

Todo Math app has over 700 learning games in numerous languages, including simplified Chinese.

Chinese math songs for kids

快乐学算术-思嘉姐姐 is a soundtrack focused on numbers that are spoken in Mandarin with rhythm and music in the background.

Tracks 2 through 5 help children memorize addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

The rest of the tracks have Chinese nursery rhymes and tongue twisters related to numbers.

Explore this: Best Chinese Children’s Songs and Nursery Rhymes

Remember that math is all around us, no matter which resource you choose! You can build a strong math foundation through observation and conversation.

What is your favorite Chinese math resource?

Please share your experience in the comments below. Let me know if we should consider other Mandarin math resources.

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