10 Educational Easter Egg Games for Kids to Have Fun Learning

Easter egg games are fun all year round – not just Easter! My kids love Easter eggs, because they love to run around and discover what’s hidden in each egg!

To integrate learning through play, Easter egg hunting games can be fun for teaching reading and math!

These Easter egg games can be adapted to any language and age. I’m excited to show you 10 different ways to play and learn with Easter eggs!

10+ fun and educational Easter Egg Games that teach reading and math!

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Important Easter egg hunting games vocabulary in Chinese and English

Since my children are learning Chinese as a second language, I try to make learning as fun as possible for them!

Here are key phrases relate to Easter egg hunting games in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Pinyin, and English!

  • 复活节彩蛋活动 / 復活節彩蛋活動 (Fùhuó jié cǎidàn huódòng / Easter egg hunt)
  • 我们一起玩吧!/ 我們一起玩吧!(Wǒmen yīqǐ wán ba! / Let’s play together!)
  • 找找看(Zhǎo zhǎo kàn / Search for it)
  • 蛋在哪里 / 蛋在哪裡? (Dàn zài nǎlǐ? / Where is the egg?)
  • 我找到了! (Wǒ zhǎodàole / I found it!)
  • 蛋是什么颜色 / 蛋是什麼顏色? (Dàn shì shénme yánsè?)
  • 你有几个蛋? / 你有幾個蛋? (Nǐ yǒu jǐ gè dàn? / How many eggs do you have?)
  • 蛋里有什么? / 蛋裡有什麼? (Dàn li yǒu shé me? / What’s inside the egg?)
Fun and Educational Easter Egg Games

What you need for educational Easter egg games

  1. Easter eggs
  2. Paper
  3. Pen, pencil, or marker
Fun and educational Chinese Easter egg sentence finding game

Educational Easter egg games that teach reading and math!

These Easter egg activities are great for teaching Chinese, Korean, English, and math at school and home!

Easter Egg reading Korean words and Hangul alphabet

Word scavenger hunt

One of our first Easter Egg games consisted of a scavenger hunt for different Korean words!

To make reading fun, we put a small Post-It note with a Korean word in each egg.

At that time, I added a sticker related to the word to serve as a visual prompt in case my daughter was unsure of the word.  (In hindsight, I would have put it on the back of the Post-It).

On a separate sheet of paper was a checklist of all of the Korean words that we needed to find.

We were excited to see who could find the most eggs containing the words!

Easter Egg reading Chinese games

Sentence scavenger hunt

Last year, we copied sentences from books we are reading (eg, 复活节 (Easter) by Gail Gibbons in the image below).

My children had so much fun searching for the eggs, and my oldest, who was 4 at the time, was excited to see what sentences she would get!

Easter message writing practice

This year, my daughter was much more involved with the Easter Egg game preparation!

In fact, she had her own plans for what she wanted me to write with her!

I couldn’t help but take many pictures of her adorable kid handwriting – can you spot which ones are hers?

Math practice

This year, on the back of each Easter egg message, we wrote random numbers.

I went for single digits while my daughter wrote as many numbers as she could think of…

And we ended up with a complicated addition equation!

Although she has been adding high place values and carrying over for some time, this was a bit overwhelming for her at first.

We worked together through the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands values, and then my daughter felt confident about finishing the math problem!

Easter egg spin and spell

Here’s a fun way to review CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words with plastic Easter eggs!

Spin, read, and practice Chinese sentences!

Learning another language? You can adapt spelling activity for Chinese reading practice, such as Chinese radicals!

One-to-one correspondence with numbers

Make counting practice a game with Easter eggs!

Math with egg cartons and fractions!

As with any activity, you can adjust the goals to your child’s level. Kids Math Teacher has fraction lessons with different denominators!

More Easter egg games for kids

We Are Teachers shows more ways to teach with Easter Eggs!

As you can see, Easter eggs can be a versatile learning toy for children of all ages!

You can play Easter Egg Games to motivate your kids to practice reading and math all year round!

Have you tried any educational Easter egg games?

If you try any of these Easter Egg Games with your family, please leave a comment below.

We love hearing about how other families encourage learning through play!

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