4 Korean Valentine’s Day Cards and Coloring Pages (Free Printables)

Korean Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and my kids have been busy making valentines for friends and family! Since my kids are half-Korean, we wanted to include Korean Valentine’s Day cards as part of their festive crafting!

Over the years, my Korean-American husband has forgotten so much of the language; now he’s barely proficient. Living in a non-diverse area far from relatives means that my children rarely get to hear or see Korean in their community. We used to have a part-time Korean nanny that spoke this minority language, but my kids don’t get much exposure these days.

To encourage Korean language and culture, I try to research and prepare some Korean activities for our kids to explore.

Here are 4 fun and free ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day while learning Korean language!

I hope your family or school can have fun with these Korean valentines!

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Korean Valentine's Day cards with cute trucks for boys and girls!

1. Korean Truck Valentines for Boys and Girls

I created these with my vehicle-loving son in mind, and many parents have requested more transportation learning activities!

Each of these vehicle valentine’s day cards say 해피 발렌타인 데이 (haepi ballentain dei) – Happy Valentine’s Day in Korean.

There are a few other Korean variations of this Western greeting, but I went with the translation suggested by 90 Day Korean.

You can download these convenient Korean valentines in this link and find Chinese and English truck valentines here.

Using paper trimmer to cute Korean Valentine's Day cards with cute trucks for boys and girls!

To save time, you can cut the truck valentines with a paper trimmer.

Color them with your child’s favorite art supplies; we love Lyra Colored pencils or groove triangular coloring pencils!

If your kids don’t want to color, print the Korean Valentine’s Day cards on red card stock paper!

Korean heart wands

2. Korean Heart Wands with Printable Templates

Inspired by my children’s love of collecting sticks and “magic wands”, we made these cute heart wands with Korean phrases.

The printable hearts include the following phrases:

  1. 사랑해 (Salanghae / I love you)
  2. 뽀뽀 (Ppoppo / Kiss kiss)
  3. 귀여운 (Gwiyeoun / Cute)
  4. 친구 (Chingu / Friend)
  5. 최고야 (Choegoya / You’re the best!)
  6. 친절한 (Chinjeolhan / Kind)

You can download and print the Korean Valentine’s Day heart wands from this post!

Chinese and English translations are also included with the free templates!

Korean Valentine's Day Heart Wands for Kids

In the above photo, my kids put the heart wands in an empty can and pretended to sell them!

I love seeing how creative they get with their play and how much they are charging for various Valentine’s Day cards!

We also made a trilingual heart mobile with these same hearts, and you can see pictures of the DIY mobile in this post about our Cardboard Valentine’s Day Card Shop!

Korean Valentine's Day Cards and coloring pages with cats and hearts - free printable

3. Korean Valentine’s Day Cards with Cats

Aerilyn Books is a website with many free Korean printable activities for young children. The website is entirely in English and geared for parents and caregivers who speak Korean as a second language.

We downloaded these cute kitty cat Korean Valentine’s Day Cards from the Aerilyn Books shop.

In the online shop, go to “FREE downloadable worksheets” and search for “Color Your Own Valentines.”

You’ll have to add the printables to your cart, and the Korean printable activities will be emailed to the email address you enter.

Korean Valentine's Day Cards and Coloring Pages for Kids

After we printed and cut the Korean cards on white paper, we mounted them to colorful construction paper to create a foldable card. My daughter was excited to write a personalized message in each card!

This week, we will download more Korean activities from the Aerilyn Books website. My daughter is looking forward to the “coloring hearts by number” worksheet!

4. DIY Handmade Korean Valentine’s Day Cards

Printable Korean Valentine’s Day cards are convenient, especially when we are not fluent and drawing a blank on important Korean vocabulary for the holiday.

However, nothing beats a personalized, handmade card, especially with cute kid writing!

DIY handmade card in Korean and English

Card-making has been an effective, self-motivating way for my daughter to practice writing in multiple languages.

We started when she was a toddler with pre-writing activities, such as tracing or word-matching with stickers.

You can read my full guide to using handmade cards for reading and writing practice in this post!

DIY handmade love card in Korean for kids

Did your child or student enjoy any of these Korean Valentine’s Day cards?

If you try this activity, please let us know in the comments below! What age(s) are your kid(s) and how did it go? We’d love to hear about your learning experience!

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