Printable Father’s Day Necktie Craft (English, Chinese, Korean)

In our true last-minute fashion, we are preparing trilingual Father’s Day cards only a couple days before the occasion! Thankfully, we have our Father’s Day printable necktie books!  My daughter and son had fun decorating these together!

As usual, I’m happy to share our free printable Father’s Day neckties!  They are available in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, and English.

Printable Father's Day Neckties! Chinese, Korean, English

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When is Father’s Day around the world?

The date of Father’s Day varies from country to country!

Here are a few examples based on the most common locations of CHALK Academy readers:

  • June, third Sunday: United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan
  • August 8: China, Taiwan
  • September, first Sunday: Australia
  • November 12: Indonesia

In Korea, children celebrate their mothers and fathers on 어버이 날 Parents’ Day. Each parent shares the holiday.

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Celebrating and learning Chinese and Korean on Father’s Day

In our family, my Korean-American husband speaks only English with our children, while I speak both Chinese and English with them.

He does speak and read a little bit of Korean, so I wanted to translated these printable Father’s Day neckties to include this heritage language.

Even though he cannot understand Chinese, my kids will make cards in all languages for him and translate as needed. I’m so grateful that he is 100% supportive about raising multilingual children!

贺卡 / 賀卡 (hè kǎ / greeting cards) are also a fun way to review relevant vocabulary and practice reading and writing!

Printable Father's Day Necktie Books - Chinese and Korean

Father’s Day: Important vocabulary in Chinese and English

Here are key words about Father’s Day in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Hanyu Pinyin, and English:

  • Dad
    • 爸爸 (Bàbà)
    • 아빠
  • Father
    • 亲 / 親 (Fùqīn)
    • 아버지
  • Father’s Day
    • 亲节 / 親節 (Fùqīn jié)
    • No Korean translation
  • Happy Father’s Day
    • 亲节快乐 / 親節快樂 (Fùqīn jié kuàilè)
    • No Korean translation
  • I love you
    • 我爱你 / 我愛你 (Wǒ ài nǐ)
    • 사랑해요 (honorific)
Bilingual English Chinese Father's Day Neckties

Printable Trilingual Father’s Day Neckties: What You Need

  1. Free printable Father’s Day Cards in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, and English
    1. Father’s Day Necktie Book – SC
    2. Father’s Day Necktie Book – TC
    3. Father’s Day Necktie Book – English
    4. Parent’s Day Necktie Book – Korean
  2. White card stock paper
  3. Printer
  4. Crayons or colored pencils.  FYI markers and paint will bleed through card stock, so only use these if you don’t mind!
  5. Glue stick or Elmer’s glue
  6. Optional: string or ribbon
Bilingual English and Chinese Father's Day cards: free printable necktie books!
Free English and Chinese Father’s Day Card Printable, page 1 of file
Bilingual English and Chinese Father's Day cards Chinese and English
Free English and Chinese Father’s Day Card Printable, page 1 of file

English, Chinese, and Korean Father’s Day Neckties: How to prepare them

  1. Print out each page of the template in landscape orientation
  2. Cut along the solid lines
  3. Decorate the cards however you wish!
  4. Use the blank necktie to draw own pictures and write personal messages!
  5. Crease the necktie at the top
  6. Glue the top edges together
  7. Optional: add string or ribbon to make the necktie wearable
cutting Father's Day card necktie template

Then, we creased the top of the necktie along the solid line.

Lastly, we glued the top of the necktie together.  This is what holds the pages of the necktie book together!

DIY Father's Day Card: Applying glue to top of necktie printable

Here’s a photo that a parent sent me of a dad wearing his necktie!

Father's day necktie cards in Chinese - free printable
Photo from a lovely reader!

English and Chinese Father’s Day Necktie Cards: Are you ready to make them?

I hope your children have fun making these English and Chinese Father’s Day cards. If you are able to use the printable Father’s Day necktie books, please let us know in the comments below.  We’d love to know if they were helpful!

父亲节快乐 / 親節快樂! Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing, hard-working, intelligent, and caring dads out there!

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  1. Hello, 我也是中国人. My brother is getting ready for father’s day card using your necktie.

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