How to Celebrate Easter in Chinese: Kids Books, Videos, Activities

Easter book by Gail Gibbons (simplified Chinese version) and craft stick Easter egg puzzle

If you’re raising bilingual children in Chinese and English, I’ve put together this jump start guide to Chinese Easter vocabulary, books, videos, and activities to celebrate the holiday!

For many families, Easter is a special holiday filled with hope and new beginnings! Spring is in the air. Kids are running around searching for Easter eggs and collecting candy for their Easter baskets.

On a personal note, as a Christian parent teaching my kids a second language, my hope is for my children to understand the meaning of Easter in English and Mandarin Chinese. But no matter your background, I hope that you can have fun celebrating Easter with these resources!

Important Easter words in Mandarin Chinese

If you’re learning Chinese along with your children, here is a list of important Easter vocabulary. Translations are provided in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Hanyu Pinyin.

How to say “Easter” in Chinese

In Mandarin, Easter is 复活节 in simplified Chinese and 復活節 in traditional Chinese. The phonetic Pinyin translation is fùhuó jié.

The literal meaning of 复活/復活 (fùhuó) is resurrection or revival while 节/節 translates to festival.

How to say “Happy Easter?” in Chinese

In Mandarin, “Happy Easter” is 复活节快乐 in simplified Chinese and 復活節快樂 in traditional Chinese. The phonetic Pinyin translation is fùhuó jié kuàilè.

快乐 / 快樂 is just one of the ways to say “happy” in Chinese.

Christian Easter words in Chinese

The following words are important for Christian and Catholic families who celebrate Easter.

  • Church 教堂 (Jiàotáng)
  • Cross 十字架 (Shízìjià)
  • Jesus 耶稣 / 耶穌 (Yēsū)

Easter celebration words in Chinese

Here are common Chinese words children might say while celebrating Easter with friends!

How to say Easter basket and colorful eggs in Mandarin Chinese
  • Chocolate 巧克力 (Qiǎokèlì)
  • Easter basket 复活节篮子/ 復活節籃子 (Fùhuó jié lánzi)
  • Easter bunny 复活节兔子 / 復活節兔子 (Fùhuó jié tùzǐ)
  • Easter eggs 复活节彩蛋 / 復活節彩蛋 (Fùhuó jié cǎidàn)
  • Easter parade 复活节游行 / 復活節遊行 (Fùhuó jié yóuxíng)
  • Egg hunt 找彩蛋 / 找彩蛋 (Zhǎo cǎidàn)
  • Jelly beans 糖豆 (Táng dòu)

Easter books for kids in Chinese

Reading is a beautiful way to learn and celebrate Easter with kids. Although Easter books in English are readily available, finding Easter books in online Chinese bookstores is much more challenging. 

Here are 3 great Easter books for children in Chinese and English!

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Spot’s First Easter 小玻系列翻翻书:复活节彩蛋在哪里?

Spot's First Easter 小玻系列翻翻书:复活节彩蛋在哪里?

This adorable, timeless book by Eric Hill has a bilingual translation in simplified Chinese and English! Spot the Dog goes on an Easter egg hunt, and the interactive flaps make reading extra fun for toddlers and young children. The large font makes this book an excellent choice for non-fluent families learning Chinese. Bonus: Luka Reading Robot can narrate this book!

Where to buy:

The Easter Egg 复活节彩蛋

The Easter Egg book by Jan Brett

This sweet anthropomorphic book by Jane Brett has beautifully detailed illustrations and a touching storyline!

Hoppi and his rabbit family work hard to create gorgeous Easter eggs. Whoever makes the best Easter egg gets to help the Easter bunny. Hoppi has big hopes for this special chance.

In both English and Chinese versions of this Easter book, there are a few lines of text in small font.

Where to buy:

  • Simplified Chinese ISBN 9787534067204
  • English / ISBN 9780399252389

复活节 Easter by Gail Gibbons

复活节 Chinese Easter book by Gail Gibbons

Gail Gibbons is known for her narrative nonfiction picture books, and realistic Chinese books are excellent for helping children learn.  This Chinese Easter book summarizes Easter history, including Jesus’s resurrection, and traditions with vibrant illustrations.

Note: The book uses the phrase “滚蛋比赛 (gǔndàn bǐsài / egg games)”.  However, it would be preferable to say 滚鸡蛋比赛 (gǔnjīdàn bǐsài/ Chicken egg games). 滚蛋 (gǔndàn) is a Chinese interjection meaning “Be gone!”, “Get out!” or “Go to H*ll!”

Where to buy:

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Kid-friendly videos about Easter in Chinese

The following animated Easter videos are for children! Please consider pre-watching each short video to make sure they are appropriate for your family.

Peppa Pig Easter Egg Hunt 小猪佩奇 復活節兔子

The popular Peppa Pig cartoon has an episode about how to celebrate Easter with traditions like Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. Subtitles are in simplified Chinese.

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Easter – Bible App for Kids 复活节 – 儿童圣经软件

This 5-minute animated video was created by the free Bible App for Kids. It explains the history of Easter, from Jesus’ arrest and nailing on the cross and then his resurrection. There are no subtitles for this Easter video.

Easter Around the World

Compiled by the Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, this informative video explains how Easter is celebrated worldwide. Easter traditions from countries like Brazil, Greece, and Bermuda are included. Subtitles are in traditional Chinese and English.

Celebrate Easter with Chinese crafts and activities for kids

Have fun celebrating Easter in Chinese!

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