Chinese New Year Banners – Simplified and Traditional Chinese

Chinese New Year Banners

To celebrate Lunar New Year (Spring Festival), Chinese, Taiwanese, Singapore, and Malaysian homes are decorated with lucky red Chinese New Year banners. In addition to being beautiful, they also have wishes for good luck written in beautiful calligraphy. Now you can decorate your school or home with our printable Chinese New Year banner!

Chinese New Year Banners Printable Activity and Craft for School and Home

Our printable banners also come with information sheets that answer questions like:

  • What are Chinese New Year banners?
  • How do you say banners in Chinese?
  • How do you decorate with banners for Chinese New Year?

You can print these out and introducing Chinese culture to your children or class by reading these sheets together!

What are Chinese red envelopes? Lunar New Year information sheets for classrooms and homeschool.
Information sheets for the Chinese banners printable pack

Learning about culture with Chinese banners

In Chinese, banners are called 春联 / 春聯 (chūnlián). Although you can buy banners on Amazon, my sister created printable Chinese banners for our family! To be honest, when I first began to learn Chinese with my kids, I was reluctant to incorporate the culture.

Growing up in a small, non-diverse town, I never saw Chinese banners or other Lunar New Year decorations. Even now, in contrast to my sister who currently lives in a diverse city and has traveled to Asia several times, Chinese culture is relatively new to me.

I’m so grateful that my sister made these banners to encourage a little Chinese culture in our home. And we hope your family and school can enjoy them, too!

This is the 4th consecutive year that my kids and I have been decorating Chinese banners! During the first 2 years, the Chinese greetings were foreign and hard to pronounce. I initially printed them on colorful paper and used a different font – see Facebook and Instagram for the first time we shared them on social media in 2018.

Fast forward to now, both of my children have grown up quickly, and we can say, read, and understand most of these Chinese banners!

Chinese New Year Banners Printable Activity and Craft for School and Home

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How to decorate your home with Chinese New Year Banners

Hanging these Chinese banners around the house creates a print-rich environment for learning Chinese! Through reading books about Chinese New Year, I’ve also learned that banners are hung in certain ways at home, schools, or businesses.

1. Vertical banners

Traditionally, vertical Chinese banners are hung in pairs (couplets) around doors and windows to welcome new guests.

2. Horizontal banners

Typically, a long, rectangle-shaped Chinese banner is hung above doors.

3. Diamond banners

Sometimes on doors, a diamond-shaped 福 Chinese character is hung upside down. Because Chinese traditions often play on words with similar pronunciation,倒 (dào) means “to invert” and also “to pour out.” Therefore, “你的福倒了” (nǐ de fú dàole) can represent that your 福 is upside down and your 福 is pouring out.

倒 also sounds like 到 (dào / arrive). In other words, it’s a wish for good fortune to arrive all over your place.

As for 春, some friends have seen this Chinese characters upside-down, while others have remarked that it’s less common.

Chinese banners, firecrackers craft, paper lanterns, red envelopes, and dim sum play food at our cardboard Chinese market!

Examples of decorating with Chinese couplets

In the image above, we decorated our DIY Cardboard Chinese market with these banners and other printable crafts from my website! Below are examples of how we hung Chinese red banners in our home!

Try this: Tips for Creating a Print-Rich Environment with Labels that Promote Literacy

Chinese New Year Banners for Decoration - Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Chinese New Year Banners decorating tall door in our home
Decorating for Lunar New Year with Chinese firecrackers and banners!
Decorating for Lunar New Year with DIY Chinese firecrackers and banners!

However, reality with young children means that many banners are in random parts of our home – who can relate?!

Chinese American Family has more examples of how to decorate for Lunar New Year!

Download Chinese New Year banners

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Cutting Chinese Banners with paper cutter
Using paper cutter to cut Chinese banners, simplified Chinese solid font version

Other supplies for making Chinese red banners

  1. Printer
  2. Red printer paper or cardstock paper
  3. Scissors and/or paper cutter
  4. Wall putty
  5. Optional:
Chinese New Year Banners for Decoration - Simplified and Traditional Chinese

How to prepare Chinese banners for Lunar New Year

  1. Print Chinese banners
  2. Cut along solid line or dotted line (depending on desired shape)
  3. Optional: Trace or color each Chinese character with gold or black art supplies
  4. Hang up on walls and door with wall putty

*TIP: If your child has trouble remembering Chinese characters, I recommend using solid fonts (instead of outline fonts) for more visual input.

Free printable Chinese Banners for Lunar New Year
Chinese Banner in simplified Chinese outline font

Common Chinese greetings on Lunar New Year banners

Here are popular Chinese New Year greetings included in our festive printable banners!

Vertical Chinese banners

  1. 大吉大利 (Dàjí dàlì / Happy and prosperous) – Also part of the saying 大吉大利晚上吃鸡 (Dà jí dà lì wǎn shàng chī jī / Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!)
  2. 恭喜发财 / 恭喜發財 (Gōngxǐ fācái / May you have a prosperous New Year, or literally Congratulations and Make Money!)
  3. 年年有余 / 年年有餘 (Nián nián yǒu yú / Have overflowing abundance every year)
  4. 五福临门 / 五福臨門 (Wǔ fú lín mén / 5 blessings come upon your door)
  5. 身体健康 / 身體健康 (Shēntǐ jiànkāng / Wishing you great health)
  6. 心想事成 (Xīn xiǎng shì chéng / Best wishes)
  7. 花开富贵 / 花開富貴 (Huā kāi fùguì / May wealth bloom as flowers bloom)
  8. 吉祥如意 (Jíxiáng rúyì / Big fortune)
  9. 新年快乐 / 新年快樂 (Xīnnián kuàilè / Happy New Year!)
  10. 出入平安 (Chūrù píng’ān / Peace and safety wherever you go)

Diamond Chinese banner

  1. 福 (fú / happiness)
  2. 春 (chūn / spring)

Horizontal banner

欢迎光临 / 歡迎光臨 (Huānyíng guānglín / Welcome)

Christian Chinese Banners

In our humble opinion, traditional greetings are too focused on luck and wealth, which we try to de-empathize from a general parenting standpoint! Since we are a Christian family, we have added blessings that reflect our beliefs. We became familiar with the following phrases through Stream of Praise worship songs!

Vertical Chinese banners with Christian blessings

  1. 耶稣爱你 / 耶穌愛你 (Yēsū ài nǐ / Jesus loves me)
  2. 爱在我家 / 愛在我家 (Ài zài wǒjiā / Love in my home)
  3. 十架之光 (Shí jià zhī guāng / Light of the Cross)
  4. 神真美好 (Shén zhēn měi hǎo / God is great)
  5. 常常喜乐 / 常常喜樂 (Cháng cháng xǐ lè / Always rejoice)
  6. 以马内利 / 以馬內利 (Yǐ mǎ nèi lì / Emanuel)
  7. 主赐平安 / 主賜平安 (Zhǔ cì píng’ān / Lord gives peace)
  8. 福杯满溢 / 福杯滿溢 (Fú bēi mǎn yì / May your cup overflow with blessings)
Tracing Chinese characters with gold leaf paint pen
Chinese Christian banners in simplified Chinese; gold leaf pen for tracing

Diamond Chinese banner with Christian blessing

  1. 恩 (Ēn / grace)

Decorating our Chinese banners

In the next photo, my daughter was focused on tracing each Chinese character with a gold leaf pen following Chinese stroke order.

Tracing Chinese characters with gold leaf paint pen
Gold leaf pen (left) is brighter than glitter gel pen (right)

Below is a colorful version that we made in the past! A few years ago, I used SongTi font, which is more block-like. However, I have been gradually switching all of my printables to KaiTi font, the standard Chinese font so that the Chinese characters look more like calligraphy!


And here’s a gorgeous pair of banners that a mom sent to me! I love seeing how everyone’s kids’ decorate their banners!

Pretty Chinese New Year banners

Get Your Chinese New Year Banners here!

Did you decorate your home or school with lucky red Chinese banners?

If you decorate your home, school, or office with our Chinese banners, we’d love to see how they look! Please share in the comments below or send us an email!

Chinese New Year crafts and activities for kids at home or school

More Lunar New Year resources for children

Happy Lunar New Year, friends!


  1. To you and to your sister, thank you very much for the Chinese New Year banners! They helped us decorate our Kinder classroom to get the kids excited about CNE (:

  2. Great materials. My students enjoyed writing the red banners. Love it for there’re simplified and traditional Chinese! Xin Nian Kuai Le!

  3. I love your Christian banners so much! How long do I leave banners up and can old banners be recycled?
    Thank you and Happy Lunar New Year!


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